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Houston Photo & Video Studio Rental

Located in Stafford, Tx near the Sugar Land area, All Shades of Hue Studios is a gem amongst the variety of studios in Houston. Our studio consists of 6 sets in the same location totaling 1700 sq. feet. The front half of our studio (The Nature Set & The Lounge + Office) is illuminated with natural light from the entrance and garage door windows.


Each set is designed with more than enough height for vertical shooting. The height of each set is 12ft, except for the Cyclorama which is 15ft & the Lounge + Office which is 10ft. All of the furniture was carefully curated to be versatile in any of the sets to provide an elegant aesthetic. Giving you the creative control of sticking with our set designs or creating your own!

We created 6 different studio rooms – Sand Room, The Garden Party, The Lounge & Office, Curtains & Backdrop System, a Cyclorama room, & The Elegant Room. Each room has a different interior design and decor suitable for all types of photoshoots & video shoots – wedding parties, bridal, maternity, family, kids, editorial, product, fashion, or commercial. You name it, we got you covered!

One of the highlights of our studio is the 20-foot tall industrial ceilings that can be used to hang props. Also, help your self to our snack bar and any production assistance with our on site staff!

About Us

All Shades of Hue Studios

Our main aim is to create a warm and welcoming space where creatives & businesses can come together, share their skills, and help one another thrive. All the sets were designed & built by Gerard (@ghobbz) & family. All Shades of Hue is more than a studio. We dream of a playground for this new age of content creation and aspire to have a creative hub here in Houston, Tx. That will one day house a multitude of studios, shopping, entertainment, education, and food. When this day comes we hope to be known as the center of creative development with learning and collaboration at its heart.

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